Janie-Nicole Leather is a small artisan company in Calgary, Alberta. Products are not made in bulk – each leather bag is individually handcrafted.

Janie-Nicole designs and makes the all the leather bags. Each bag has its unique characteristics, especially because they are made from distressed leather which is rugged and strong and has individual markings.

Janie-Nicole started using a sewing machine as a young teenager and often made her own clothing and accessories. Several years ago, Janie-Nicole started making totes, purses and soft travel bags out remnants from upholstery material. She loved putting together the different fabrics and coming up with unique designs. After a successful craft show at the Bala Cranberry Festival in Muskoka, Ontario, she bought a industrial sewing machine which was excellent for sewing bags.

Dennis (Janie-Nicole’s husband), who used to hand sew leather, had a piece on hand and suggested that she try sewing leather. Janie-Nicole knew right away that leather was for her. She made several messenger style bags as well as a few urban totes and just loved the results of sewing with durable and rugged leather. Since then, she has been working almost exclusively with leather. On occasion, she does make canvas bags but always turns back to using a special oil tanned leather imported from Brazil. It is soft and supple yet very strong and stands up to all weather conditions.

Janie-Nicole loves designing and crafting. She has taken several leathercraft classes and has thoroughly enjoyed learning about leather. She not only makes bags and purses but also makes her own accessories – leather buttons, bracelets and wallets. She has really learned a lot over the past decade from a variety of people and it shows in her unique and high quality designs.